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Applied Materials (AMAT) P5000 PECVD & Etch Back

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Applied Materials (AMAT) P5000 PECVD & Etch Back, 150mm Powers Up Working
-Mark II Mainframe, 21 Slot VME
-Qty 3 PECVD Chambers (Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Disposition).  
-Qty 1 Etch-Back
-Wafer Size 150mm
-Includes Hot Box, with Ampules
-Fully populated gas panel
-Processes (oxide, nitride, teos, sih4) 
-Includes vacuum pumps, dry type, ebara
-Includes AMAT heat exchanger
-Includes Neslab chiller
-Includes Ozone Generator
-Includes Remote Frame with Qty 3 ENI OEM RF generators
Powers up, known working at the time of dismantle 

We can sell it at AS IS,WHERE IS or complete, working, functional test.


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