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We intend to purchase semiconductor equipment/parts/service collectively “PRODUCT” from SemiStar Corp. or a client represented by SemiStar Corp. (collectively “SemiStar”):

We understand that the PRODUCT may be subject to the export control laws of the United States and other countries and that SemiStar may release or deliver the PRODUCT to us only after we have provided the assurances set forth below.   Accordingly, we hereby agree that:

  1. We will not transfer, export, re-export the PRODUCT, directly or indirectly, to Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Libya, Sudan and/or Syria, or any nationals thereof, or to any other country subject to restriction under applicable laws and regulations, and we are not located in, under the control of, or a national or resident of any such country.
  1. We will not use the PRODUCT in any activity prohibited by applicable export control laws, including the design, development, production, use or stockpiling of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons, missiles, rocket systems or unmanned air vehicles, or any other nuclear activities, and we will not transfer, export or re-export the PRODUCT, directly or indirectly, to any party engaged in any such activity.
  1. We will comply with all applicable laws and regulations whenever we transfer, export or re-export the PRODUCT. In particular, we will not transfer, export or re-export the PRODUCT, directly or indirectly, to any party appearing on any list of persons prohibited by the United States or other countries from receiving any items, and we are not on, or under the control of any other party on, any such list.
  1. If we sell any of the PRODUCT to any third party, either alone or as part of any refurbished or reconfigured tool, we will obtain written assurance from such third party that it is, and will remain, in compliance with the restrictions set forth above.
  1. International buyers must fill in and sign the Form BIS-711 with each PO.
  1. The International buyer , the forwarder and  the end user for each PO must pass CSL Search Engine.

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