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HP 4062F Tester

The HP4062F Semiconductor Parametric Test System is the high-end system of the HP4062 Semiconductor Parametric Test System family. The HP 4062 satisfies all of the requirements of the Integrated Circuit Manufacturers for both process monitoring and process development. HP4062C maintains highly accurate and reliable measurement capabilities, such as high-speed measurements over a wide measurement range.

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Model: HP 4062F

Category:  Tester

Original Equipment ManufacturerHEWLETT PACKARDAgilent

Condition: Used, Complete, working condition. Fully tested  by seller

Valid Time: Subject to prior sale

Lead Time: 4 to 6 weeks

Location: Silicon Valley, CA, U.S.A.

Warranty: 90 days non-consumable parts

Installation and training: Available at extra charge

Service Contract: Available at extra charge

HEWLETT PACKARD Agilent HP 4062F  General Descriptions:

The HP 4062C, HP 4062UX, andHP 4062F systems perform precision DC and capacitance measurements.Hewlett-Packard warrants system performance. Accuracy is specified at 23°C ±5°C  after calibration following at least 40 minutes warm up. The temperature change after calibration must be less than 3°C. The system calibration is performed at the measurement pins of the switching matrix. The data marked in below is typical performance data and provided for reference use only. These are not warranted specifications.
Measurement Functions
DC Current, DC Voltage, Capacitance, Conductance, and Pulse Force
DC Measurements
Spot, Sweep, Pulse, Pulse Sweep, and Analog Search
Switching Matrix Measurement Pins
HP 4062C/UX: Up to 96; HP 4062F: Up to 48
Switching Matrix Instrument Ports
HP 4062C/UX: 17 , All ports can access all 96 measurement pins.
HP4062F: 20, 8 ports can access all 48 measurement pins, and 12 ports can access 4 measurement pins per one port.
High Resolution SMU: 1 port
Measurement Range: ±20 fA to ± l A, ±40µ V to ±200 V
High Current SMU, Kelvin: 1 port
Measurement Range: 2 pA to ± l A, ±40µV to ±200 V
SMU, Kelvin: 2 ports
Measurement Range: 2 pA to ± l A, ±40 µV to ±200 V
GNDU, Kelvin: 1 port
Voltage Output: 0 V
VS/VMU (AUX): 4 ports (HP 4062C/UX), 3 ports (HP 4062F) 
Output Range: ±1m V to ±40 V, Measurement Range: ±40µV to ±40 V, ±4 µV to ±2 V in differential voltage mode
High Frequency Ports: 12 ports (HP 4062F)
Capacitance and Conductance Measurements(Optional)
CMU (HP 4280A)
Test Frequency: 1MHz, Measurement Range: IfF to 1.2 nF, 10 nS to 12 mS, DC Bias Voltage: ±100 V
CMU (HP 4284A)
Test Frequencies: 1k, 10k, 100k, and 1MHz , Measurement Range: IfF to  100 nF , 0.1 nS to 7.5 mS, DC Bias Voltage: ±40V
High Frequency Pulse Force: HP 8110A (Optional)
Pulse level: ±19V (at open load), Pulse period: 350 ns to 999 s , Pulse width: 50 ns to 999 ms , Transition time: 20 ns to 200 ms

HEWLETT PACKARD Agilent HP 4062F  Switching Matrix Subsystem:

The Switching Matrix subsystem consists of a matrix and its controller( s ). Three switching matrices are currently available: HP 4085B ( 48 pins maximum), HP 4089B (96 pins maximum), and HP 4085F (48 pins maximum). HP4085B and HP4089B are for HP 4062C and UX. HP 4085F is for HP4062F.
Maximum Number of DUT Pins
48 pins (HP 4085B/F) ; 96 pins (HP 4089B)
Number of Instrument Ports
HP 4062C/UX: 9 ports, 4 ports for SMU’s (SMU ports) , 4 ports for VS/VMU and/or C meter (AUX ports), 1 port for Ground Unit (GNDU port)
HP 4062F: 20 ports , 4 ports for SMU’s (SMU ports), 3 ports for VS/VMU and/or C meter (AU:Xports), 1 port for Ground Unit (GNDU port), 12 ports for Pulse Generator (HF ports)
Maximum Voltage Between Two Ports
±400 V (Any two SMU ports); ±300 V (SMU port, AUX port) ; ±200 V (Any two AUX ports)
Maximum Voltage at Each Port
±200 V (SMU ports); ±100 V (AUX ports)
Maximum Current, Port to DUT  Pin
±1.6A (GNDU port) ; ± lA (SMU ports); ±500mA (AUX ports)
Maximum Stray Capacitance Between DUT Pins: <6pF(between C meter ports)

HEWLETT PACKARD Agilent HP 4062F  DC Measurement Subsystem:

The DC measurement subsystem consists of the HP 4142B mainframe and plug-in modules. This modular design allows many possible configurations depending upon the application. A standard general purpose configuration includes three HP 41421B SMU’s,  one HP 41420A SMU, one HP41424A VS/VM, and one HP41425A AFU. A total of 8 slots are available. 
Note: The HP 41420A  SMU requires two slots.

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