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Electroglas 4085x

The Electroglas 4085x wafer probers are extremely accurate, modularly designed automatic wafer probers, configured to perform automatic system functions of:

  • 8 inch wafer size
  • Automatic wafer load 
  • Automatic wafer alignment
  • Automatic wafer measurement
  • Automatic wafer test/sort.
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Model: Electroglas 4085x Prober 

Category:  Prober

Original Equipment Manufacturer: Electroglas

Electroglas 4085x prober Condition: Used, Complete, working condition. Refurbished  by seller

Wafer Size: 6 inch configuration. Others are optional.

Valid Time: Subject to prior sale

Lead Time: 4 to 6 weeks

Location: Nanjing,China.

Warranty: 90 days non-consumable parts

Installation and training: Available at extra charge

Service Contract: Available at extra charge

Here is the configuration for the Electroglas 4085x prober  for your reference.The actual configuration will be specified in our official quotation.

  • Wafer Size Range: 200 mm
  • Cassette to Cassette
  • Temperature Control Chuck
  • Automatic Alignment
  • OCR Camera
  • Weight: 850 lbs


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