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Recommended equipment

  1. Used Semiconductor Equipment in USA Use “Ctrl“+”F”  at your PC Keyboard to search 
  2. Used Semiconductor Equipment at San Jose,CA USA Use “Ctrl“+”F”  at your PC Keyboard to search 
  3. Used Semiconductor Equipment in AsiaUse “Ctrl“+”F”  at your PC Keyboard to search 
  4. 20000+ semiconductor equipment and parts in USA. Use “Ctrl“+”F”  at your PC Keyboard to search
  5. Full-auto Wafer Mounter NITTO NEL-MA2008IIV, 8 inch,NEW EQUIPMENT NEVER USED in original crate,in Europe.Email for more info.
  6. Equipment in stock: Asher/Etcher/Sputter/Evaporator/RTP/Probes…
  7. IPEC Avanti 372M CMP at San Jose,CA USA. Great condition. Email for more info.
  8. SPTS STS VPX Pegasus ICP Deep Reactive Ion Etch (DRIE). Email for more info.
  9. Sandvik MRL MDL 1148 G2 Furnace System
  10. TEL Clean Track Mark 7 and Mattson 2800 2900 3000 AST RTP
  11. Solexel equipment on sale
  12. Disco DFP8140 in Taiwan
  13. AIXTRON CCS 3X2 MOCVD reactor,almost new,year 2012,and now deinstalled and packaged in warehouse in China
  14. FHR Line 1100 V BM In-Line Sputtering Equipment vertical, 7° inclined in San Jose CA 
  15. FHR Line 1100 V A In-Line Sputtering Equipment vertical, 7° inclined in San Jose CA
  16. DNS WS-820L clean track 
  17. Refurbished  Applied Materials AMAT P5000 Etcher in San Jose 
  18. Veeco GEN-II MBE in San Jose 
  19. ACCRETECH / TSK UF2000 Tri-Temp Wafer Probing in San Jose

The above equipment are subject to prior sale without notice. Appreciate your time.

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