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STS Multiplex ICP Bosch Process-8 inch

STS Multiplex ICP Bosch Process, Dry etcher, 8″,Handler ,Chiller, Turbo pump, HF Generator ,Carousel vacuum load lock,With HR process chamber. Vintage 1999



Model STS Multiplex ICP Bosch Process        

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Category:  Etch RIE ICP

Original Equipment Manufacturer: Surface Tech Sys ( STS )

Condition: Used, Complete, working condition. We sell it at AS IS,Where IS condition. Refurbished and fully tested is optional at extra charge.

Vintage: 1999, CE Mark.

Valid Time: Subject to prior sale

Lead Time: 4 weeks for AS IS condition. 10 to 16 weeks for the Refurbished and fully tested condition.

Warranty: No warranty for the AS IS,WHERE IS condition. 12 months for the Refurbished and fully tested condition.

Installation and training: Available at extra charge for the Refurbished and fully tested condition

Service Contract: Available at extra charge for the Refurbished and fully tested condition

Surface Tech Sys (STS)  STS Multiplex ICP Bosch Process  Etcher Description:

STS Multiplex ICP Dry etcher, 8″

Includes: Handler


Turbo pump

HF Generator

Carousel vacuum load lock

With 1 ICP SR + HR process chamber

Pumps: No


Wafer flat size: Other

Clamp: WTC

Gas box: Mini

ASE Requirement: Switched licence

Voltage: 400V


C4F8 100 sccm

O2 100 sccm

Ar 100 sccm

He 100 sccm

SF6 100 sccm

Multiplex ICP process chamber (MESC)

ICP 240BF Source

RF Supply: 1 kW (13.56 MHz)

Matching unit for ICP source

Generator: 5 kW

RF Supply: 300 / 30 Watt (13.56 MHz)

Matching unit for lower electrode

Electrode temperature control: +5 to +40 deg C

Mechanical wafer clamping electrode (Pin lift)

With He backside cooling

LEYBOLD Turbo pump MAC 2000

Windows software control

Standalone VDU

Keyboard and mouse

BOSCH Licence

Gases: C4F8, SF6, Ar, He, O2

CE Marked

1999 vintage.

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