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Olympus MX50A-F with Al100-L6

Olympus MX50A-F with Al100-L6, Olympus MX50 microscope, Olympus AL100-L6 Wafer Loader


Model: Olympus MX50A-F with Al100-L6

Photos: Download Here


Category:  Metrology

Original Equipment Manufacturer: Olympus

Condition:  Excellent condition, complete, working.We sell it at AS IS WHERE IS.

Wafer Size: 6-inch

Valid Time: Subject to prior sale

Vintage: Can not find on the instrument

Serial Number:In the photos

Inspection: Against appointment

Equipment Description for only reference.

P/N: Olympus MX50A-F + AL100 L6 + Nikon DN-100

Model: N/A


  • Olympus MX50A-F Inspection Microscope
    • SWH10x-H/26.5 Eyepieces
    • Nosepiece with 4 Objectives
      • UMPlanFl 5x/0.15 BD
      • LMPlanFl 10x/0.25 BD
      • LMPlanFl 20x/0.40 BD
      • LMPlanFl 50x/0.50 BD
    • 6″ Stage with Linear Guide, X, Y and Theta
    • Olympus MX-LSH Light
    • Olympus AX-PO Polarizer Slider
    • Olympus U-DICR
    • Nikon DN100 Digital Net Camera, w/ Control Unit (Capture/Freeze Consoler Included), DI 0.6X Objective Lens
  • Olympus AL100N-L6 6″ Automated Wafer Auto Loader
  • KeneTec System VibraPlane Air Suspension Table

Includes only/all parts/components/items as shown in the photos

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