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Kurt J. Lesker Sputtering Deposition System


Kurt J. Lesker – 4 Targets Custom Thin Film Sputtering Deposition System


This system was  for research and for building solar cells (200 to 300 nm thin film layers of material per deposition) the machine was routinely cleaned with vacuum cleaners and brush for avoiding cross-contamination during the depositions. The machines will contain small residues of various materials inside the main vacuum chamber. List of materials for used: Cu, Zn, In, Sn, Mo, Al, Ni, InO2:SnO2, Au, for the Kurt Lesker : Cu, Au, Zn, In, Sn, Bi, Sb, Mo, Al, Ni, ZnO, SnO2, InO2:SnO2, ZnO:Al, Mo:Na.

Condition: Used. Was at working condition.

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