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We provide professional repair service of your Brooks/PRI/Equipe robots, robot controllers, pre-aligners, and Neslab’s water recirculators, chillers, and VXI’s lamp power modules(LPM, LAMP PWR CNTL MODULE) for AG Associates Heatpulse 4100, Heatpulse 4108, Heatpulse 8108, heatpulse 8800 Rapid Thermal Processing Equipment, Rapid Thermal Processors, Rapid Thermal Annealing systems..

These services are only for end users. The services are subject to our engineer’s schedule. Please contact us for the available.

Brooks Pre-Aligner

  • 001-0080-10
  • 001-0080-09
  • 1008-07
  • 4900-0006-089
  • 4900-0006-079
  • AG Associates Part Number: 4900-0006-07 / 4900-0006-08 ( Identical except switch # 2 setting on DIP switch on main board. Being in ON position, the aligner will work in parallel mode which is used on AG 4100 tools. Being in OFF position, it will work in serial mode which is used on AG 8100 and 8800 and the parallel board gets disabled and not used at all), 4900-0006-25 (an upgrade to save the LEDs life. The LED come ON only when wafer is aligning)
  • Replacement of fork pads for Brooks Pre-Aligner.

Brooks/PRI/Equipe Pre-Alinger PRE series

  • PRE-100
  • PRE-200
  • PRE-201
  • PRE-300
  • PRE-301

Brooks/PRI/Equipe Robot Controllers

  • ESC-100
  • ESC-200
  • ESC-212
  • ESC-204
  • ESC-208
  • Spare PCB at new condition:
P/N Description
2002-0088 CPU Board w/ NVSRAM and software
2002-0089 Galil 3 Axis Motion Control Board, fem
2002-0064 I/O Control Board for Robot
2002-0066 I/O Control Board for Pre aligner
2006-1053 Amplifier Board for Robot, male.
2006-1054 Amplifier Board for Pre-Aligner, male
2006-1057 Amplifier Board for Pre-Aligner, fem.

Brooks/PRI/Equipe Robots

  • ATM-104PRE-200 200mm ALIGNER BELT, Replacement Of DFACT 112 DA7-2-010
  • ATM-105
  • ATM-107
  • ATM-205
  • ATM-207
  • ATM-305
  • ATM-307
  • ATM-405
  • ATM-407
  • Replacement Belt Of DFACT 112
  • Replacement of Equipe 2-02-1022 2-02-1021 cable
AG part numbers for Robots are 4100-0039-03 and 4100-0039-04 for Equipe/PRI ATM-100 series robots. They are interchangeable. The difference is in the z-axis pitch,which is reflected in the parameter file. So, each robot needs its own parameter file.

VXI/Celestica LAMP PWR CNTL MODULE ,Lamp Power Module (LPM)

  • 7100-5705-089
  • 7100-5705-08
  • 7100-5705-04
  • 7100-6159-05
  • 7100-6159-01
  • 4000-1044-06
  • 4000-1044-079
  • 4000-1044-07

Thermo Scietific/Neslab Chillers Water Recirculators/Heat Exchangers

  • System I
  • System II
  • Thermo Scietific/Neslab Systems I
  • Thermo Scietific/Neslab Systems II
  • M and W Heat Exchangers
  • Neslab’s RTE series  : Neslab RTE 1034A, Neslab RTE 211, Neslab RTE 201 etc.

All the Heatpulse Rapid Thermal Processing , Rapid Thermal Annealing equipment  trademarks belongs to AG Associates , the original equipment manufacturer. The photo at this page is only for your reference. All rights reserved. 

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