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Hitachi S-570 scanning electron microscope

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Product Name: Hitachi S-570 scanning electron microscope (SEM)

Maker: Hitachi

Condition: Used ,  Complete, working before de-installation. We did not test it.We sell them at AS IS Where IS. Oil rotary pump is not included.

Location: Morgan Hill,CA95037

Valid Time: Subject to prior sale

Warranty: No at AS IS,WHERE IS condition.

Refund: No

Crating or Packaging: Optional at extra charge ($1,600.00)

Others: Set up and fully tested at extra charge ($18,000.00)

riginal Hitachi SEM S-570 Specification and Key Features for reference only:

  1. Hitachi SEM S-570 With LaB6 Electron Gun
  2. Hitachi SEM S-570 Performance:
    • Secondary electron image resolution: 25 Å guaranteed
    • Magnification:
          • With standard specimen stage: 20~100,000X (WD=35 mm); 500~100,000X (WD=-2mm)
          • With large sized specimen stage: 12~100,000X (WD=60mm); 500~100,000X (WD=-2mm)
  3. Hitachi SEM S-570 Electron Optical System
    • Accelerating voltage:
          • 0.5~3 kv in 100 v steps
          • 3~30 kv in 1 kv steps
    • Beam current: 300uA max
    • Filament: Pre-centered LaB6 filament
    • Bias: Auto bias system
    • Filament exchange: Requires air leak
    • Alignment: 2-stage electromagnetic alignment
    • Lens system: 3-stage electromagnetic lens reduction system (high-excitation objective lens)
    • Objective lens aperture: Movable aperture (4 openings selectable and finely adjustable from outside vacuum), Self-cleaning type thin film aperture
    • Stigmator coil: Electromagnetic
    • Scanning coil: 2-stage electromagnetic deflection system
  4. Hitachi SEM S-570 Specimen Gonionmeter Stage
    • Shiftable range
          • With standard specimen stage:
              • X: 0~40 mm
              • Y: 0~40 mm
              • Z: 5~35 mm (continuous)
              • Tilting:-20 ~ +90° (continuous)
              • Rotation:360° (continuous)
          • With large sized specimen stage:
              • X: 0~100 mm
              • Y: 0~50 mm
              • Z: 20~60 mm (continuous)
              • Eucentric Tilting: 0 ~ 60° (continuous)
              • Rotation:360° (continuous)
    • Specimen size: 150 nun dia. (max.)
    • Specimen stub size: 6 mm dia. (for ultrahigh resolution) , 15 mm dia. ,50 mm dia.
    • Specimen exchange: Requires air leak
  5. Hitachi SEM S-570 Display Unit
    • Viewing·CRT:12″  wide screen type (effective area 196 X 160 mm)
    • Photographing CRT: High resolution type (effective area 120 X 90 mm)
    • Scanning speed(50 Hz, ( ) … 60 Hz): 0.03, 0.5, 1, 10 ( 9) , 40 (50) sec/frame for observation, 40 ( 3 5) ‘ 80 (100) ‘ 200 sec/frame for photographing
    • Scan mode: Full rapid scan, selected area, slow scan, photo scan, split screen, dynamic focus, waveform, oblique
    • Signal processing made: Automatic image adjustment, gamma control, polarity reversion, dynamic stigmator monitor, auto focus, fully automated data display (on CRT) , key-in data display
    • Electrical field shift : ±20 um (with accelerating voltage 30 kV, working distance 35 mm)
    • Data recording: Film number, accelerating voltage, micron marker and magnification can be marked on film.
    • Image signal: Secondary electron image, back-scattered electron image (with POST HV OFF)
  6. Hitachi SEM S-570 Evacuating System
    • System: Fully automated
    • Vacuum gauge: Pirani gauge (with vacuum meter), Penning gauge X 1
    • Ultimate vacuum: 7 X 10-4 Pa in specimen chamber,7 X 10-5 Pa in gun housing
    • Vacuum pump:
          • Oil rotary pump 160 l/min (at 60 Hz) X 1
          • Oil diffusion pump 570 l/sec X 1
          • Ion pump 20 l/sec X 1
    • Safety device: Safety devices for power interruption, water supply interruption and vacuum deterioration are provided.
    • Water facilities:
          • Flow rate : 1.0 ~ 1.5 l/min
          • Pressure 0.5  ~ 1 kg/cm2
          • Temperature: 10 ~ 20°C
          • Supply port: 10 mm dia. chemical faucet x 1
          • Drain port X 1, 20 mm dia. or more, at floor level (natural drainage)
          • (Caution) The flow rate and water temperature specifications must be strictly observed.
  7. Hitachi SEM S-570 Dimension
    • Main console: 600 (W) X 775 (D) X 1850 (H) mm, 260 kg
    • 1200 (W) X 775 (D) X 1170 (H) mm, 145 kg

Hitachi SEM S-570 Standard Equipment:

  1. Main console   1 set
  2. Display unit 1 set
  3. Ion pump power supply 1 set
  4. Camera body 1 set
  5. Oil rotary pump  1 set (optional)
  6. Instruction manual 1 set

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