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ESI 3572 Laser Trimmer

ESI 3572 Laser Trimmer, Refurbished with installation and warranty. We also provide Laser System Repair, Services and Parts

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The ESI 3572 Laser Trimmer Laser system provides Passive trimming, Active trimming, Link cutting, Link blowing and Linear trimming.

ESI 3572 Laser Trimmer OEM: ESI

Condition: Refurbished with installation and warranty

ESI 3572 Laser Trimmer Configuration

  • Beam positioning system – 3″ X 3″ travel, 0.0001″ resolution
  • Step & repeat parts handler – 6″ X 6″ travel, 0.0001″ resolution
  • Accuprobe probe card holder
  • Standard DVOM measurement system
  • Resistance scanner card cage
  • CCTV system – Hi Res. color CCD camera & 15″ color LCD monitor with electronic crosshair generator
  • Thick film optics

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